Level - Funded Solution

High-Quality Health Benefits

Comprehensive health benefits designed to offer the highest  quality medical and ancillary benefits, all vetted through a competitive bid process overseen by ESC - Region 12.

Significant Savings 

Our plans offer savings on premiums, prescription drug costs, and tele-medicine. This savings puts health benefits within reach to more of your employees and their families. 

Your Alternative Option to TRS-ActiveCare

For many families and individuals, health insurance is one of the largest household expenses. It is not uncommon for health insurance premiums to equal or exceed 10 percent of income, and often there are significant additional out-of-pocket costs.

The Universal Benefits Consortium was formed to serve the education community by ESC - Region 12 to offer alternative medical plans and benefits...specifically for school districts. Through an inter-local agreement, your district is able to offer a rich offering of affordable and effective health care solutions for your employee's and their families.

The UBC is designed to:

●          Lower Administrative Costs
●          Lower Premiums/Prescription Costs
●          Offer Network Flexibility
●          Enhance Cost Effective Access to Care
●          Increase Employee Participation
●          Bolster Recruitment and Retention

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